About Us

United Pole Products is a full-service company specializing in light poles, led lights, accessories, adapters, brackets, installation, and repairs. We offer high-quality and cost-effective lighting solutions for your infrastructure needs.

United Pole Products offers numerous types of light poles made from different materials. Steel and aluminum poles are known to be very adaptable and can withstand high winds better than poles made from other materials. Aluminum poles are known for being relatively lightweight and rust-proof. Steel poles are strong, durable, and cost-effective. UPP offers both square and round poles. Square poles allow for more fixture mounting options, because of the flat surface, but many lighting fixtures now have different tenon adapters and accessories that make mounting lights easy on either square or round poles.

Our team of project support specialists is ready to work on your project today!

United Pole Products is an electric pole manufacturer, adapter/brackets accessories, and installation and repair services. We offer high-quality and cost-effective light poles for your infrastructure needs. We offer both decorative poles for the local streetscape and functional poles for street lighting, and other lighting requirements.

We also offer repair services and replace or repair existing poles that are either broken or have gotten away with time. If you need a lighting pole in your area with installation? We will deliver the pole directly to your home or business. We will come to the site, drill a hole and place the pole in the hole and fill it back with dirt.


  • To offer high-quality products along with excellent service
  • To provide solutions and products that will suit your specific lighting needs.
  • Parking lot area lighting is our specialty! Be confident in our expert Project Engineers and contact us today for any outdoor lighting project big or small.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Lighting will be effective only when the equipment makes it so. Our lighting poles support the lighting and make slighting safe and efficient. Here’s why you should choose us for your pole requirements.

Expert Team
We offer light poles, brackets, adapters and accessories for industrial, and commercial applications. Our dedicated team consists of support professionals, manufacturing and customer service staff who are focused on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service.
Quality Products
We are committed to offering the best support solutions for your pole and lighting needs. Regardless of your lighting requirement, our team is dedicated to finding products for your lighting needs.
Multiple Options
United Pole Products carries a variety of lighting poles, adapters, and brackets, square & round base covers, etc. and we are constantly adding new products to meet the growing requirements of the lighting industry. No matter how big or small the project is, we can handle it.